Polythene Pam (odinyotoo) wrote in corrie_fans,
Polythene Pam

Corrie Child Deaths

On Coronation Street Blog there has been a lot of talk lately about how the Street has too many kids. This got me to thinking... has there ever been a Corrie child death? Not an infant death or a miscarriage, but a child dying of leukemia, a terrible accident, or murder? It could be a very compelling story although, of course, sad. It would definitely be something that could bring the whole Street together. I dare Norris to say anything disparaging against the child!
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Oh, wow - that would be a twist! I think it would be a very intriguing story, and I wouldn't doubt that it would be handled well... I found Jack's leaving to be very emotional, but in a really beautiful way - they really did a great job with his exit.

Interesting. I don't think they've done anything like that at least not recently. I don't think there's too many kids because the ages of the main characters kind of shows how there's going to be kids running around. But there are a lot if baby plots on the go and it's getting tired. I don't really understand the David/Kylie thing since they're so young. What's the rush? Also the surrogacy thing was weird to me too. Not the plot of it but the fact that it's Izzy/Gary. They've been back together for 5 minutes and they think this is a good idea? I think they have to get off this baby train since I heard there might be a Marcus/Maria baby in the works and I'm not that interested.
I think the David/Kylie thing was not so much about a baby, but mainly to show how much of a child David is when he sets his mind on something. You're aboslutely correct, they're young and there is no rush, but David could not get that thru his head. The pretext, I suppose, for Kylie to move on.
There appear to have been a couple of child deaths during the early years, the first apparently being Susan Schofield in 1964, a pupil of Bessie Street School killed at a street crossing by a lorry.


Nothing recent. There have been a number of infant deaths, though (Billy Platt comes to mind).

The child death mentioned above wasn't really a regular character, though. I don't think they ever have aside from Zoe's baby shannon that died of meningitis and Sarah's and Liz's babies that were born prematurely. I wonder if they would ever do that to a main character?
I have actually wondered about this recently, as I have been thinking there is an abundance of children on Corrie right now (with more potentially coming).

Eastenders did this in the 80s when they realized they had too many babies. That's when they decided on the cot death storyline for Ali and Sue's baby (Hassan). That was very well done.