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corrie_fans's Journal

coronation street fans
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Welcome to the Coronation Street community.

This community is for anyone who enjoys Coronation Street, or even just thinks its amusing.

If you don't like Corrie then buzz off :(

± Some rules ±

Ø NO FLAMING: Flaming will not be tolerated. This is a web-community not a playground for children.

Ø KEEP ON THE TOPIC: Try and keep on the subject. If you must post please make it about Coronation Street, or at least another familiar tv show.

Ø NO SPAMMING: Do not post about other communities, I didnt make this to hear about your community. (If you must or if it's related, contact one of the maintaners to ask permission, elsewise your post will be deleted.)

Ø USE LJ-CUT: Not everyone have broadband, so please try and be generous to everyone :)

Ø RULE VIOLATIONS: Break rules, or be just a flat out poop stain, and you get the boot :(

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