kamomil (kamomil) wrote in corrie_fans,

I am going to have trouble watching twice as much Corrie as I usually do... my time available to watch TV is limited. I may try to watch one ep a day and then watch 5 on Sunday.

However I am enjoying the storylines themselves.

Anyone know how the Sunday omnibus is going to work? Is it going to be 5 hours of Corrie? :O
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Yes, 5 hours starting at 7:30. It is a lot to keep up with . recording it and zippign through commercials helps a bit or watching online, They will upload the episodes on Sunday evenings, y ou can catch up without commercials there. Next week is the tram crash, though, on Thursday
Wow! 5 hours on Sunday! I love Corrie but that's a huge committment so I just download them from isohunt or thepiratebay
It is but if you can record them on a vcr or dvr it's the same as downloading really. watching when you get the ch ance. I do download the UK episodes but i still watch the canadian timeline as well.